Joining using Paypal

How to join using Paypal

Using the link at the bottom of the page will take you to the PayPal website. PayPal is the safe, secure way to buy online.

Please use the following information to complete the form:-

Recipient's Email:
Amount: See Below
Currency: Pounds Sterling
Category of Purchase: Service

Also be sure to inlude the following information in the Note: section on the form.

1.  Name and address of Applicant.
2.  Name of Spouse (if applying for family membership).
3.  Names and ages of any children (if applying for family membership).
4.  Email address of Applicant.
5.  Contact telephone number.

Once your PayPal payment has been made you will receive a completed Membership Form for checking and signature with a SAE for its return to the Membership Secretary plus a Company Welcome Pack. Your membership card(s) will then foillow shortly.

Please Note: If you do not have a PayPal account don't worry you can soon set one up for free by following the PayPal link provided!

Type Cost Total
Family (2 Adults plus 2 Children) £44.00 + £10.00 £54.00
Individual £29.00 + £5.00 £34.00
Young Person 16-18 £24.00 + £0.00 £24.00
Friends of Sir Gervase
(Newsletter only)
£12.00 (UK & EU)
Friends of Sir Gervase
(Newsletter only)
£20.00 (Non EU)
All the above totals include a £4 Sealed Knot Enrolment Fee and a £5 Company subscription Fee
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